Social App Integration

Social Networking has created a great impact in today’s world. Social applications help business and companies to stay in touch and attract their end clients and increase sales, brand name & visibility. This is a great way to expand and stay in the market without spending loads of money on marketing.

Companies & businesses can use Facebook, Twitter & Google+ to add their existing customers and building new contacts. This also, helps to keep an eye on your competitor and their USP’s.

Pixml develops the best social network applications for your business. We help in developing applications for the well known and most used social network platforms – Facebook, Twitter & Google +.

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  • - Captivating Facebook Applications
  • - Diversified & Appealing Twitter Applications
  • - Versatile & Fun Google+ Applications

Pixml provides you with the best social media networking solutions. Our developers build customized social applications which help in brand awareness, monetary profits & keeping in touch with your customer base.

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